Cell phone restrictions are cruel, unusual


Alec Burns
Eagle Editorial Board

As every student is well aware, using a phone, either in the hallway or in class, results in immediate disciplinary action.

The phone is confiscated on the spot, and the owner loses possession until the end of the school day.

If the student is in a class when he is caught using a phone, additional disciplinary action may also be taken to affect his grades.

In my opinion, I believe the way cell phone use is handled in school should be more reasonable.

In today’s generation, technology is increasingly becoming a way of life, both socially and academically.

This being said, the administration should relax their strict cell phone regulations in school.

I completely understand that phone use in the classroom is inexcusable.

In order for there to be no distractions in class, everyone must give their full attention to the teacher. If a student is caught texting or playing games, it is completely justifiable bringing the device to the dean of student’s office until the end of the day.

However, I see no fault in using one’s phone in between classes.

Simply checking an application or looking at a text message should be no reason to get the phone confiscated for the entire day.

Looking at a screen holds no repercussions for anyone other than the user, and the five minute period in between classes should be our time to take a break.

With the implementation of tablets in the classroom, there is a clear step towards modernizing the school as a whole.

Likewise, the administration should reconsider the strict cell phone policy for use in between classes.

If our school is so inclined on making things modernized, I find it perfectly appropriate to adapt to a new cell phone policy.

Instead of spending time and energy making sure students do not use phones during school hours, it would be a lot easier to keep these procedures only  inside of the classroom.

The hallways pose no threat of interfering with anyone else’s learning capabilities, so it should be without a question cell phones can be used.

Much like the tablets, it should be the student’s responsibility to ensure the cell phone privelage is not abused.

This is the way things are in most other schools, both public and private.

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that tablets are pretty much only good for playing games.

If the school is going to turn a blind eye to the limited capabilities of tablets, the least they can do is attempt to modernize the school environment by allowing cell phone use in the hallways and in between classes.