VERSUS: Christmas offers more time to enjoy family


by William Rose
Eagle Staff

The holidays are here and the Christmas music is blaring on the radio.

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just around the corner, the debate between which holiday is better rages on.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and should never have a shadow cast over it, but Christmas is clearly the better holiday. It is like the main event and Thanksgiving is only the precursor.

Christmas is a time of sharing and reflection and it never lets people down.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the things that we are very lucky to have. It is a beginning to the reflection that will take place during the Christmas holiday.

Thanksgiving break is only a short time span to decompress from the incessant home work and studying. It is not really long enough to enjoy time off or travel anywhere.

Tradition dictates that Thanksgiving is not a time when people exchange presents.

It is a time to give thanks for what we have and enjoy those special feelings, but no awesome presents are exchanged.

On the other hand, Christmas is a wonderful time to relax and give back to those we love and cherish. We normally give presents that will excite one another and will make a difference in someone’s mood.

Christmas break is notoriously long. It is the longest break other than summer break. Students fantasize about the things they will do over the break and always crave that delightful sleep that is inevitably lost during the first semester.

Christmas break also includes New Years, so it has two holidays for the price of one.

This wonderful break includes the anniversary of when Christ was born, signifying a new beginning to human existence, and it is when we get a ton of new, cool things for the New Year.

Christmas time is a time for rejoicing for high school students. When it is Christmas time, finals are over and school is no more for at least two weeks.

Every student understands the dire need for sleep and loves the spare time to have some fun.

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Football is another reason why Christmas is better than Thanksgiving. Football, America’s game, is supposed to be enjoyed by the fans. Over the Thanksgiving break we get only a few days to relax, but the final weeks of the semester loom over our heads as the short break comes to an end.

Christmas break allows us to truly enjoy the great game of football without worrying about schoolwork.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are both wonderful holidays, but Christmas trumps Thanksgiving because it is longer, we receive presents and people have more time to sleep and have fun.

The Christmas tradition brings a feeling of cheer and fun for everyone.

Christmas break is filled with parties and ugly sweaters.

Christmas leaves a feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment that Thanksgiving cannot deliver.