Current albums make huge splash among young teenagers


By Cameron Kic
Eagle Staff

Nothing Was the Same – Drake
Rating: 8/10
Nothing Was The Same is a strong contender for rap album of the year. With Drake’s charismatic vocals and touching lyrics, Nothing Was The Same is his most ambitious album to date. This album is a compilation of everything Drake has to offer. It opens with “Tuscan Leather,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Through this melding of Drake’s sympathetic and upbeat styles, Drake’s fourth album, Nothing Was The Same proves that Drake still has the skill as one of the best rappers in the game.
Pure Heroine – Lorde
Rating: 7/10
Lorde is a talented young artist who has become quite popular with her hit song, “Royals.” Her debut album, Pure Heroine exposes Lorde’s very likable voice but maintains just enough seriousness to keep it from being labeled pop.
The album is filled with thoughtful choruses about love and it is quite entertaining from beginning to end. Overall, this is a great debut from a rising artist that will leave listeners hungry for more. I look forward to reviewing her next album.
Because the Internet – Childish Gambino
Rating: 9/10 
The new album Because The Internet proves to be an incredible step up from Gambino’s last. It is an album that draws you in from the very first track. This new album contains a mixture of emotions that grab you and get you into the zone.
It makes you feel as if you are at one of his concerts raising your hands in the air in appreciation of his lyrics and rhythm. Gambino shows his emotional side through his moving vocals, but he always makes sure to throw in a bit of rapping to showcase his great rhythm.
Rating: 7/10
MGMT had their debut in 2007 with Oracular Spectacular. The group is widely known for its chorus on Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness,” which seems to be the majority of teens’ favorite anthem. MGMT was destined to become huge.
They have rebounded after a three-year absence and they are out to reclaim their previous status with their eponymous album.
Listening to this album is like going on a musical tour through space and time. Overall, it is a good listen but it does not offer anything new.