Opportunities for holiday bonding : “Merry Christmas, Yah filthy animal”


by Brady Roth
Eagle Staff

With the holiday season upon us, we start spending more and more time with our family, immediate and extended.

For some of us this can be a Tom and Jerry experience, but for others it can be quite an enjoyable time.

One way to spend time with your family is to go and visit a sibling in college. This experience, without a doubt, is the best possible thing to do.

If you are staying with your sister in her dorm, you have a chance to meet her great roommates, stay up late and watch a movie. This is a great way to catch up with your sister and meet some new friends.

If you are staying with your brother, make sure to take advantage of seeing the Greek life first hand.

This will not only open your eyes to how college really is but also bond you with your biological bro in the process.

If you are staying home with your parents for the holidays, you are also in luck.

There is nothing more that your mother wants then to spend some loving time with her baby boy.

When I stay at home with my mom all day, we eat cookie dough while we etch-a -sketch portraits of each other. We have a jolly gay time.

While these are fun activities, you are not just limited to this.

Try to ask your self, ” What would Brady Roth do with his mother right now” and then do that exact thing.

My relationship with mother is a great one to look up to.

When you ask yourself, “What would Brady Roth do with his mother right now” many activities and ideas of what to do might arise, such as: getting a pedicure, snuggling, and braiding each others hair.

Take advantage of these activities and really create a mother-son bond that cannot be broken.

If you are looking to make a strong connection with your daddy, then sit back, relax and watch the Die Hard trilogy.

Bruce Willis is the perfect display of manliness and should not be ignored. This trilogy is where boys become men.

After this, make sure to go “nomad” and spend a good two weeks just wondering around in no mans land with your dad.

Bring a knife and a roll of duck tape for personal use.

During this experience you will come face to face with many thing, sadness, death, loneliness, and finally love.

You and your dad will create a very strong connection during this experience that will never be broken.

Be safe and have fun. You do not want a Macaulay Culkin moment during the holidays, never stay home alone.

If you do stay home alone, make sure to turn the alarm on at your house.