Student Council raises the bar from previous years with senior shirt


Student Council stepped up big time with the Class of 2014 senior shirt that will certainly be memorable for years to come. This new shirt is certainly not lacking in originality.

The 2014 senior shirt is entirely different from all other shirts with the obvious change coming from what is on the back.

All shirts prior to this year have been primarily bland; however this year’s shirt is blue with the state of Texas on the back, along with the school’s monogram.

The shirt symbolizes this year’s entire graduating class. The class of 2014 will be very recognizable in the future.

It is a class that symbolizes unity and leadership and can be a model for senior classes to come. We know how important it is to stand out, and this is exactly what this shirt does.

Hopefully this shirt design will serve as an example for future shirts. We cannot become dull in all of our endeavors, so hopefully the design will set the bar.

We believe that change will come with this senior shirt.

We are creating newer, better traditions that students will model themselves after for many years to come.