Tablets in thorough need of Microsoft software


By Worth Beard
Eagle Staff

Polaris Office, the exclusive word processor for the Asus tablets, is a source of debate amongst the student body.
A majority of students complain about the  application, however, some students believe it works just fine. Polaris Office is the most used word processor on the tablets and it has its own perks and flaws.
 Polaris Office can be very helpful to the student. Polaris Office provides students with a word processor that they can use at school and at home.
With this, students can do some assignments at school as well as print them out.
Polaris Office can also be very useful for taking notes in class and saving them under folders for that specific class. It’s also helpful for downloading LAPs and putting them under their specific class folder.
 Polaris Office has an extreme amount of flaws. Polaris Office is very time consuming when it comes to downloading documents.
You usually have to download the documents multiple times to get them to finally work.
One of the bigger problems with Polaris Office is that it completely messes up the format of the document.
“Polaris Office is very unreliable, with poor layout, and does not do what you want it to when you print. Because when I tried to print it in the format that I chose to, it printed it differently and I got up to twenty points off of my paper,” junior Brandon Jackson said.
When the word document is eventually converted to Microsoft Word, the format becomes completely destroyed and the student has to make multiple changes to get the document back to normal.
This can for the students to get in a rush because they usually have to print it right after they are done so the format is always very distorted.
The main consensus for the student body seems to be a genuine dislike for how Polaris Office functions.
Tablets that would be able to run Microsoft software would be incredibly useful.