VERSUS: Thanksgiving provides much needed rest


by Spencer Krumholz
Eagle Editorial Board

Remember that excellent and refreshing break toward the end of November? Remember those grades that were pulling down your average? Remember looking in the mirror and thinking about how skinny you are?

Thanksgiving break is a necessary time that does wonders for the vast majority of students on campus, one far better than Christmas.

Thanksgiving break is a time when we, as hardworking individuals, get to lean back and stuff ourselves with food. There are no frivolous sweaters or antlers on cars – just football and food.

The cool air outside is perfect for pick-up games of soccer or football. Small responsibilities to school, like upcoming quizzes, keep us alert and focused. The ability and opportunity to sleep in late without the worry of being late to A-Period is extremely refreshing.

Close family surrounds you as you celebrate this great American tradition. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins all participate in the great feast. Catching up, laughing and having a great time highlights the season.

Needless to say, the food is fantastic. The consumption of traditional food rarely happens within the year, so this makes for an annual highlight. There is no other holiday that possesses such a great meal.

Not only is Thanksgiving refreshing, but it is also reviving. Students that struggle with their grades get to take a deep breath and reflect on the things that need increased attention.

Thanksgiving provides an excellent opportunity to get a hold of oneself, fix what is broken and move to be a better student.

What makes this period particularly important is that it is the final break before we have to make that final drive towards final exams.

Before the break a student may feel tired, bummed out or just about ready to give up, but after the break a student feels excited to boost his grades and get back on track.

The Christmas season slowly becomes just plain annoying. No one enjoys the irritable wait to Christmas break.

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Going to school and counting the weeks, days, hours and seconds before that “glorious moment” is frustrating and pointless.

What makes it worse is that you cannot even turn on the TV without hearing some over-happy, cheesy Christmas commercial. The same six Christmas tunes that have existed since the beginning of time are repeatedly droned by the radio station.

Through Thanksgiving, however, there are no finals, no annoying commercials and no Thanksgiving tunes. You can thank God that there is no silly Thanksgiving postcard picture to take.

Thanksgiving is a time for genuine reflection on all that you are thankful for.

It is a humbling time during which we give thanks to those who support and nourish us.

To those who say Christmas is better than this great holiday, I say one more thing – turkey is king.