By Dennis Duffy
Eagle Editorial Board

I am an adamant supporter of rap music.
Rap, and all music really, can be diluted by the radio and “mainstream” influence. I personally tend to support “backpack rappers,” which is a term coined for rappers that are on the rise, unsigned and are making the music they want to make (not what the music companies want).
There are very few, in fact less than a handful, of rappers that have “made it,” that are also in complete control of their music.
Kanye West is one of these few, and arguably the only one.
 Kanye’s lyrics clearly express his stance on his music and music companies’ opinions of his music. Kanye makes beautiful music, that although sometimes inappropriate, is  revolutionary and forward-thinking.
When Kanye came to Houston for his “Yeezus Tour” at the Toyota Center, many St. Thomas students, including myself, were in attendance.
Kanye, like I assumed he would, did not disappoint.
Kanye’s opening act was “King” Kendrick Lamar, a california rapper and member of T.D.E. He is a rapper that fights against the gradient, and is far from “mainstream.” Kendrick Lamar did very well, the crowd sang and rapped every lyric with him. His performance was great, and really had a personal  interaction with the crowd.
If the fact that Kanye West is having a rapper nominated for seven grammys, open for him does not make you realize how prominent and well known Kanye is, the fact that he compared himself to Jesus Christ throughout the show and his tour should be an eye-opener.
I am a devout Catholic, and being completely honest with myself, the concert bordered sacrilege and blasphemy, but the thin line, that the concert never crossed, was bumped and rubbed up against the entire night.
At the close of the intermission, the lights began to dim and the crowd screamed in excitement. Women, in body colored morphsuits, were covered from head to toe, began to come out on stage. Then the music, which was nostalgic of his older albums, gave  suspense for the fans that was almost palpable.
For the next few hours the Toyota Center was along for a trip. Kanye played his music of his current album “Yeezus” and many hits from his former albums.
Kanye was sporting various masks that kept his face hidden from the crowd.
The mask, the choreography, and the show, as a whole, were aimed at presenting Kanye to be  a Jesus like figure, and show Kanye West to be “a god.” Whether or not Kanye truly thinks of himself as a god, which it seems he does, does not negate the fact that his show was spectacular.
Watching this concert was like watching a movie, he had monsters, he moved mountains and he conversed with Jesus himself, or at least a man dressed as Jesus. He was carried, he climbed, he danced and he laid down, all while the crowded Toyota Center stood mesmerized.  His music and performance of the music was amazing, and really reminded his fans of how great a musician he is. I have been to many concerts, and I could not believe that the concert was a live show.
My only complaint of the concert, was his 15 minute rant. It was about his belief that he is at the same level, in regards to being a visionary and world changer, as Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Throughout his rant he stated things such as,“What did Walt Disney’s [girlfriend] look like”, a reference to his recent engagement to Kim Kardashian.
Although his rant was annoying, it did not affect the overall concert. The show was an amazing experience.