The football season concluded following the loss to Dallas Bishop Lynch in the first round of the playoffs.

Although the final outcome of the season may have been disappointing, the future is bright for the Eagle football team.

After losing key starters in the defensive secondary (Brower 17’ and Madden 17’), Defensive line (Hammon 17’ and Yeboah 17’), Offensive line (Reidy 17’ and Penaloza 17’) as well as wide receiver Daniel Perkins 17’ the majority of the football team will be young and will be returning next season.

Several returning starters will play leadership positions on the football team, and will lead the way for growth within the team over the course of the off-season.

Defensive starters Jackson Reece (Cornerback/Junior), Kris Brolan (Linebacker/Junior), Melvin Larkins (Linebacker/Junior), Dylon Dixon (Cornerback/Sophomore), and Jackson Hanna (Defensive End/Junior) are a few of the key defensive contributors who will return next year.

On offense, Peyton Matocha (Quarterback/Sophomore), Jaylen Davis (Running Back/Sophomore), Ian Wheeler (Running Back/Sophomore), Brandon Hondros (Wide Receiver/Sophomore), Parker Nelms (Wide Receiver/Junior), Garret Archer (Offensive Tackle/ Junior), Corey Felan (Offensive Tackle/ Sophomore), Max Banes (Offensive Tackle/Junior) and Haden Ritchie (Offensive Tackle/Junior) are the starters who led the offense and were responsible for the majority of offensive production.

Younger players, who have been steadily gaining experience throughout the duration of the season, are vying to take starting positions.

Underclassmen John Teague (DE/OL, Sophomore), Daniel Coco (WR/FS, Freshman) and Logan Bobo (WR/S, Sophomore) are a few of the younger athletes expected to fill the roles of the leaving seniors.

These younger athletes already have experience at the varsity level. By having the sophomores and freshmen dress out for varsity games, Coach Fitzpatrick has given these younger athletes a chance to experience the Friday night lights before they experience it for themselves as starters.

The football program faced some hardship this season with a young and inexperienced roster. However, the experience gained through season will allow the young roster to excel in the next years.

Plays on the football team, and attends St. Thomas.