Fall Olympics shows promise, needs work


To the Editor:

This is not a letter of discontent, but rather a letter of gratefulness. This past Fall Olympics was great. I went into the situation not exactly knowing what to expect. Last year the majority of events that I attended were sadly underwhelming and overall boring.

The sock wrestling could have used more structure, but when it finally evolved into normal wrestling, it was fun. The VR booth was surprisingly fun, however, one minute of screen time for about ten minutes of waiting was not a great trade off. However, I would have to say that the movies that were being played in Turner Hall were the most worthy of my time.

There are some things that I think could have been improved on. To start off, the bubble soccer was not even soccer. It was in the most literal sense, running around in hot, sweat filled, inflatable balls of plastic getting knocked down every few seconds.

Evan Lawson