The Freezing Eagle: Classroom temperatures unacceptable


To the Editor:

In my first semester at STH, I have noticed one thing in particular, one thing I dislike-the room temperatures. I love the St. Thomas experience, professional teachers, the lunch is actual lunch, and it is a massive step up from my old middle school. The rooms, however, are much too cold.

The first time I arrived on campus, the HSPT entrance exam, I wondered if the air conditioning was undergoing maintenance over the weekend. I was shocked when I went to Cemo Auditorium for tablet orientation. I thought I went to an auditorium, not an igloo in the middle of the North Pole. The point being, the first thing many Freshmen notice about our campus is that it is far too cold.

My next point will be about test taking days. I have no clue about previous years and procedures, but the no sweater rule must either be eradicated, or the A/C must be fixed. I fear the frigid temperatures in the science building more than my actual biology grade.

Don’t get me wrong, I love STH and the community that surrounds it, but it is freezing in the rooms and this must be fixed. Be careful, STH, winter is coming. In fact, it is already here. It has always been here, and it always will be.

Aidan Brelinsky

(Eagle Photo/Justin Van)