Frogger on Shepherd Drive


To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to discuss the issues of what is supposed to be everyone’s favorite time of day: going home! Dismissal is a discombobulated mess of cars and traffic. Memorial Drive is a far too small road with only two lanes. There is nothing we can do about Memorial Drive. It is land locked due to STH and a Bayou locks expansion.

If you are lucky enough to escape the car line and actually make it onto Memorial, you are now faced with the dangerous intersection of Shepherd Drive. With professionals leaving work to get home to families or catching their child’s after-school activity, driving in this area is a game of Frogger.

I suggest some sort of organized method of getting students out of school in time and safely. Seniors would get out five minutes before juniors, juniors would get out five minutes before sophomores, and so on. Another way to control the traffic is to actually have somebody direct the traffic coming into Shepherd as students leave.

Shane Brelinsky

Senior Christian Lineberry, an expert driver by his own merit, is hesitant about merging onto Shepherd Drive. As the school day ends, newer and less experienced Eagle drivers may find it quite difficult and sometimes embarrassing to spread their wings and fly onto Shepherd with other impatient students behind them. (Eagle Photo/Justin Van)