Seniors kick off Round Up


Seniors kick off Round-Up

by Justin Van

The Class of 2017 start a new tradition that will be honored for years to come.

Sergio Plata and the rest of his staff prepare hot dogs fresh off the grill.

Senior Jacob Koch and friends enjoy roasting some s’mores around a fire. Along with hot dogs and a staggering amount of condiments, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolates were also available for senior consumption.

Senior Santiago Garces, a brave vegetarian, enjoys a water bottle.

“It was the first time I sat down with my entire grade outside of the classroom and it was great to see everyone relaxed and just having a good time. I really saw the brotherhood that is always talked about within this school!”

Griffin Maat, senior

“The best part of Senior Round-Up kick-off is getting out of class.”

William Graves, senior

Senior Dominic Vela grabs a cup of Saint Arnold’s Root Beer. Mr. O’Brien made sure that the event had a surplus of root beer. The surplus eventually was distributed to other students during lunch the next day.

“Riley [Bishop] had a great idea and we had great attendance. I’m just thankful for Fr. Storey’s full support and Al Clay showing up to rally the seniors,”

Asher Price, senior

Over the course of over 3 long and happy hours, seniors indulged themselves in brotherhood and camaraderie. In the final hour, some seniors went home while some trekked to the library to participate in Phonathon.

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