Artists excel at National Scholastic Regional Art Competition

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From left to right: Nick Phan, Nick Rodriguez, Ryan Phillips, Matthew Coughlin, William Castillo, Baxter Jones, Daniel Silguero, Robert Wight, and Michael Sides.

The Eagles took home seven gold keys, six silver keys, and one honorable mention over the course of January’s National Scholastic Regional Art Competition.

Over 4500 entries were submitted from private and public schools in Harris County in 17 different categories. The majority of St. Thomas’s awards were for that of clay. Ceramic artwork composed 13 of the 14 submissions that won awards, with one drawing earning an award.

St. Thomas had formerly competed in the TAPPS art competition but made the transition over to the Scholastic Competition and has there competed for three years.

The drawing category had 1516 entries and only 80 keys awarded. Out of these 80 keys, sophomore William Castillo prevailed with his charcoal drawing “3motions” despite only taking fundamentals of art.

“[William] is super talented. Nebel and I helped him and gave him feedback. The odd part is that he’s not even enrolled in an art class!”

Chau Nguyen, Fine Arts teacher

The ceramic and glass category had 155 entries, with only 11 gold keys being given out. Out of these elusive gold keys, St. Thomas earned six of the 11 keys.

One of the gold key winners included senior Michael Sides IV. Sides’ winning blue piece was named “Bay”.

“I was mostly surprised that ‘Bay’ won a Gold Key, because it was the least favorite of my pieces submitted to scholastic,”

Michael Sides, senior

All the pieces receiving gold keys moved on to the next level to be judged in New York City at the national level. This second round of judging allows for additional recognition that St. Thomas has never received.

“We wanted some outlet for guys to get recognition for the high quality work that they were doing,”

Mike Nebel, Dean of Fine Arts

Gold and silver award winners’ ceremony will be held at the Alley Theatre in downtown Houston on Mar. 25, and an exhibit of the winners will be held at the Silver Street Gallery from Mar. 11 to the Mar. 31.

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