Types of people at the gym


Exercise is a great thing. Putting in hard work and getting fit is great. For all people trying to get fit, lose weight, or trying to get shredded the gym provides itself as a sanctuary. The gym is a magnificent place where people of all different types come together. The gym, like any place else where people of the public wander, is sort of like a zoo. So many different types of people go to the gym. Here are some of the regulars:

The Bro

(Eagle Photo/Damon Shekari)

The bro is probably one of the most common characters you will see in the gym. This is the guy that can only be found in the weights area probably pumping out some bicep curls in front of a mirror. He is probably wearing a tank that says something on the front like “don’t skip keg day”, or one of those used to be a regular t-shirt but is now ripped at the sleeves but has over time come to resemble anything but a shirt. This is also the guy that seems to think that his gym membership grants him access to take as many gym mirror pics of him flexing so that he can post a “#flexfriday” pic up to Instagram for all his lady friends” to see. Watch where you’re walking if you come near the bro, you might knock his bottle of pre workout over, and you don’t want to do that.

The Screamer

IMG_9341[1] 2
(Eagle Photo/Justin Van)

A casual Sunday afternoon, you are casually jogging on the treadmill simply enjoying a nice, peaceful workout. All of a sudden you hear a scream from across the gym. You look over, expecting to see someone on the ground with a broken leg judging by the magnitude of the scream, but instead just some hyped up idiot that looks like the hulk is lifting the lightest dumbbell in the gym. Apparently, this guy is under the impression that the louder you scream the stronger you get. He either thinks that screaming is making him stronger or he just wants everyone to know that he is about to lift half of the weight in the gym at once. This is the same guy who feels it necessary to drop the weight so hard that it shakes the entire building.

Congratulations man everyone in the gym is now aware you’re here.

The Elliptical

(Eagle Photo/Justin Van)
(Eagle Photo/Justin Van)

So you’re the at gym just strolling down the row of cardio equipment. You pass the hunnies on the treadmill and then come the row of ellipticals. Girl, girl, girl, girl, and then there’s that one guy. He might even say, “Hey man, it’s great cardio.” Yeah, it might be great cardio but you look like an idiot doing it. Plus the fact that the only other people on the elipticals are all female doesn’t necessarily make you look like the coolest cat. How about substituting that elliptical set with a nice jog on the track or treadmill, where you don’t look like a buffoon. But hey you do you man.

That Crossfit Guy

(Eagle Photo/Simen Borland)
(Eagle Photo/Simen Borland)

You all know this guy already because he made it a point to let you know that he does Crossfit. You might not ever see Crossfit guy in the actual gym because he is probably at a special Crossfit-only gym attempting to do 1,000 pull-ups in a minute while his Crossfit dudes cheer him on in their tank tops and toe shoes. Sounds like a blast. Later you will see Crossfit guy with his other Crossfit bros drinking their post workout smoothies, and talking obnoxiously about how great their Crossfit workout was. Nice!

The Lulu Girl

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(Eagle Photo/Justin Van)

The Lulu girl is simple and intriguing at the same time. This is the girl that will come to the gym decked out in Lululemon (a popular high end sportswear brand, in case you were wondering). There is literally no piece of clothing on her from head to toe that does not have the little U shaped logo on it. This girl will stroll into the gym, probably with one of her friends who is also wearing nothing but Lulu, head to the treadmill or elliptical, exercise for 15-20 min, just enough to work up a sweat, and then promptly exit the gym and head to Sustain to get herself an Acai bowl because “she earned it”. She will then proceed to take an artsy pic of her fruit bowl and post it to her snap story with the working out emoji so that everyone knows she is out there putting in work.


Simen Borland is a senior at St. Thomas. Besides being writer for The Eagle newspaper he likes to play sports. Baseballs, footballs, and basketballs are among his favorite sports. He is also apart of the world renown Eagle Guard, as seen at any STH football game. Hobbies of his include waterskiing, watching Netflix, and underwater basket weaving. Simen can be seen driving in his black LandCruiser SUV wearing his Costas, while only having fished a handful of times in his life. He plans to attend any college that will accept him.