Garcia-Banks win ’17 student council election

Juniors Daniel Garcia (left) and Michael Banks (right) came out victorious in a ruthless election season. (Eagle Photo/Henry Adair)

On April 24th the St. Thomas student body elected Daniel Garcia and Michael Banks to lead Student Council as the Student Body President and Vice President for the 2017-2018 school year.

“Thank you to everyone who voted for me and for this once in a lifetime opportunity, next year will be the start of something great,” President-Elect Garcia said.

The duo have set an agenda focused on improving the quality of life for all St. Thomas students. They told the Eagle Broadcast Network that their areas of focus will be:

  • More opportunities for students to win round-up prizes
  • New and exciting excursions for Walk-a-thon
  • No school on the Monday after the Super Bowl
  • More dress down days
  • More finals exemptions

“This is just the beginning and more changes will come knocking,” Garcia said.

Vice-President Elect Michael Banks has similar goals and intends to incorporate the positive messages of the other two campaigns.  

“Those that supported [the other candidates] are heard. We will address a lack of school spirit and will allow underclassmen to participate more in decision making.

By next year I want to see less students complain about their workload so I plan to address homework given over breaks as well as increasing the communication the students have with their counselors.”

The victory ended Garcia’s close three-way race against the junior candidates of Noah Kotlarek and George Fisher. On the morning of election day, an Eagle poll of 93 random students from all grade levels put Noah Kotlarek with a modest lead on his opponents, with about 34% percent of students supporting him. Danny Garcia came in just behind him in second place with 33%, and Fisher came in third with 32%.

With only 93 students responding, the difference between first and third place was only 2 students. Because Garcia won, this poll doesn’t reveal anything except that for all intents and purposes, the race was razor thin judging by the simple amount of students who supported each candidate.

With a poll so close, however, the race was definitively decided by turnout. Director of Student Activities Mr. O’Brien reported that the number of students voting was comparatively low, but that the election was not close.

Garcia proved that his voters were more excited and dedicated to putting their candidate in office, whereas supporters of the other candidates grew lackluster when it came to actually casting a ballot.

In years past, when a three-way race has been close between two candidates, the top two will compete in a runoff. Seeing as this did not happen, Garcia presumably gained a strong majority of votes.

As for now, the current administration will continue to work on making an impact on St. Thomas until their last day. The 2016 – 2017 Student Council leadership intends to plan more student events such as another food truck and the Senior BBQ, purchase new student amenities, and improve the Student Council constitution before they pass the gavel.

Garcia and Banks will take office on the first day of next school year. Underclassman representative elections will take place on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Ryan is the Student Body President of St. Thomas High School. Outside of Student Council, he is a state-champion speaker on the Speech and Debate team, an anchor for the Eagle Broadcast Network, and a well-below-average basketball player.