Fish Week delayed but still brings the brotherhood


     Fish Week is a historic tradition at St. Thomas that consists of activities during lunch and the popular “Dress-Up-Your-Fish-Day.” By the end of the week, the freshmen are initiated into the life long brotherhood that is buoyant at St. Thomas while they create a unique bond with the seniors.

     On the first day of Fish Week, the freshmen were introduced to their senior, and then proceeded together to a prayer service followed by lunch. At lunch, the freshmen were given their propeller topped, red STH beanies, one of the true symbols of fish week, to wear throughout the duration of the week. On Wednesday, the most anticipated day of the week, the freshmen were finally dressed up before school by their seniors for “Dress-Up-Your-Fish-Day.” “I thought this year had some of the best costumes I’ve seen while I’ve been a student here” Sam Jaben ’18 said. When the faculty and staff looked around the hallways on Wednesday they saw familiar faces like Father Glass and Deacon Lockett to the not so everyday cookie monster and fishermen.

     While some may perceive Fish Week as seniors having the ability to haze freshmen all week, it truly is about the start of their brotherhood at St. Thomas. “I didn’t see much hazing this year, but that’s what it’s all about because after it, you have a stronger bond with your senior” freshman Andrew Miller said. Many could say that Fish Week 2017 will be full of long lasting memories that they will never forget.