Mayweather vs McGregor Lives Up to the Hype


A month ago, fighting history was made. For the first time in combat sports a UFC fighter entered the ring with a light welterweight boxing champion. It was a matchup that many considered to be the fight of the century. Before the fight, the campus of St. Thomas was filled with lively debate of whether Floyd “Money” Mayweather or Conor “ The Notorious” McGregor would come out victorious.

Going into the fight, most experts and students alike believed that Mayweather would dominate McGregor. Dedicated combat sports fan, Cameron Thomas 18’ thought the fight was going to be more of a circus. “I expected more of a spectacle than a fight, I thought Mayweather was going to come in and dominate, but McGregor really held his own”. On the other hand, sophomore Benjamin McDonald thought that the fight was going to be “an eleven-round war with McGregor knocking out Mayweather.” Throughout the early rounds of the fight, many amateur fans truly believed that McGregor had a real shot at knocking out the champ. However, most experienced viewers, like Cameron Thomas, knew it was all a part of Floyd’s strategy. “In the early rounds of his fights, Mayweather takes a while to feel out his opponents, which caused McGregor to win the first couple rounds,” said Thomas.
Mayweather hit his stride in the later rounds of the fight and won by technical knockout in the tenth. Fans were left entertained and excited for McGregor’s possible future in the boxing ring. When asked if the fight was worth the $100, Senior Wayne Wickman said: “Yes, but I still got it refunded.” After the fight was over Mayweather stated that this was his final fight. However, Mayweather has committed to retirement before. In his previous mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather had the same statement. Several students around the St. Thomas community agree that Mayweather will remain retired unless there is another fight with a ridiculous purse.