Letter to the Editor

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A letter to the editor is a brief letter expressing your opinion or reaction. It might be a response to a story published in the paper or your feelings about some other issue that you are concerned or care about.

Some common topics or ideas are (adapted from Wikipedia):

  • Supporting or opposing an opinion-editorial story that was published in the paper.
  • Comments on a current school issue, event, rule or decision.
  • Suggestions for how to improve a school issue, event, rule or decision.
  • Criticizing or praising remarks on stories from non-opinion sections (news, entertainment, sports) that have appeared in a previous edition.
  • Correcting a perceived error, mistake or misrepresentation in a previously published story.

Some guidelines and other editorial policies:

  • To submit your letter, fill out the form below.
    Anonymous letters will never be printed.
  • Letters should be about 250 words in length. Longer letters are okay, though we may edit them for brevity.
  • The editor reserves the right to edit and reject letters, but he will print most letters as they are when submitted.
  • Published letters may appear in the print edition, on our website or in both locations.
  • Extra credit may be offered by your English teacher for letters that are published. See your teacher for his / her policy.

The Eagle is no longer accepting submissions pertaining to:

  • MLA formatting
  • Dress code
  • Lunch/Cafeteria issues