Fortnite’s Grandfather


Sitting around on a lazy day can incite anyone to pick up a controller, boot up a gaming system, and play the game of your choice. Whether that game is a sports game, a shoot-em-up, or even a puzzle game, video games, in general, are the perfect activity to pass time, while still having fun.

Evidently, one of the most played games, if not the most, of today is Fortnite. Fortnite is a battle royale type game, where one-hundred online users all log on to be bussed into a map, where each individual is put to the test to be the last man standing. Fortnite excites people with the hope of proving their greatness by being able to continuously be the last man standing, over and over again. A triumph like this is addictive and thrilling, causing the player to want to play again, especially if they keep losing. For instance, someone with one win in their total two-thousands games will want to play the next match just as bad as the player with one-thousand wins in their total one-thousand and one game.

This adrenaline rush straight to the brain provided by this thrilling game of survival is enough to keep players hooked for over the past year, and no sign of it stopping has even come close, even when challenged by other companies and their own battle royale games such as the new Call of Duty III.

There is a problem though, looking past all of the greatness that Fortnite has been able to collect over the past year, it is not the original battle royale, in fact, it isn’t even the best one out.

Minecraft is.

Minecraft is like the Grandpa to Fortnite that still dunks on his grandson in a casual pickup game of basketball. Minecraft sparked the idea of Fortnite just like the Grandpa from the analogy sparked the energy in the grandson to become better as to one day not be dunked on. Which is what we see today in the impressive numbers of users logging on to Fortnite daily, but it wouldn’t even be a thing without Minecraft.

Minecraft was the original battle royale game, with the online servers that included PVP arenas, hunger game modes, and many other options, all which had the same gameplay aspect of wanting to be the last one standing, as well as being able to search around for objects sometimes even hidden in chest, just like Fortnite. Let us not forget that Minecraft, even though it is still popular today, used to be huge back then. Which leads me to believe that the popularity of Minecraft is what ultimately led to further the idea of the battle royale genre, and even the hunger game genre, finally molding the idea into the major power we know today, Fortnite.

Whether you think Fortnite is the best game in the world, or not, it is always important to pay respect to the true seed of longing that Minecraft had placed in the current generation’s mind, that of longing for a true Battle Royale game which we know and love today as Fortnite.

So do yourself a favor, put down the Fortnite, and play a little Minecraft, just to bring back the nostalgia and to understand that what you are playing is the true origin of many games we have out today.