Retro Resurgence

In the last several years a resurgence in interest in the style and fashions of the ’70s and ’80s. Old NASA shirts, the Astros reverting to older branding, even artists such as Post Malone and Paramore have started creating music reminiscent of these periods. But the newfound fascination that the American youth has not stopped with the products and media that they consumed, it has also influenced their methods of media storage and consumption. Namely, the resurgence of Instant film and vinyl Records offer a significant revival to these once endangered markets. Below are the pros and cons of each form of media storage as well as a brief overview of how each of these markets are being reinvigorated.

Instant film 

Instant film has recently made a huge resurgence. Despite Polaroid’s previous monopoly on all things instant, FujiFilm has released its own line of instant cameras at a lower price point and cheaper price per shot (between $0.60 – $0.75). Since breaking into the instant film market in 1999, FujiFilm has seen success in its line of instant cameras with a variety of models at different price points. After a rough history of bankruptcy and reincorporation, Polaroid Originals, formerly the impossible project, now manufactures film for vintage cameras as well as producing a new line of cameras and film.

Pros Cons
A physical copy of the picture The film is very expensive
The convenience of prints-

an immediate copy of the picture

(Usually) not reproducible  after
Classic film grain look that is difficult to
digitally create
Limited quality
The film is not always readily available

Vinyl records

Vinyl records have made a huge resurgence, particularly in the indie music scene, they are surprisingly available, with bookstores such as Barnes and noble carrying a wide selection of modern music on vinyl. Online shopping has also contributed to the resurgence of this physical medium from the vinyl factory’s text service “The Edit” and Amazon’s incomparably large selection. Companies such as Crosley and Sony offer Vinyl players with limited functionality but significantly lower price points. As digital media quickly seizes a great majority of the music industry, vinyl is the last bastion of the age of physical media. 


Pros  Cons
Physical reproduction offers a more authentic representation of the music Easily damaged and scratches significantly affect sound quality.
Allows for collector’s items  Much more expensive than digital media
Not very portable