Fish Week 2020


It’s that time of year again! When all of the innocent, little freshmen come to meet their seniors face-to-face. It’s the tradition every underclassmen fears, and every upperclassman adores: the beloved St. Thomas Fish Week.

For as long as anyone could remember, Fish Week has existed as a way of welcoming the incoming freshmen class to the world that is St. Thomas High School, and although fish week may come in a different packaging this year, it still stands to introduce each fish into the brotherhood of St. Thomas. Tons of games and activities occur during this week, which poses the question: which one of these traditions is the best? Well, today, I offer you the top three fish week traditions that help to make fish week what it is. 

Coming in at number three are the classic courtyard games. This tradition consists of a variety of games in which freshmen battle it out to see who can bob for the most apples, eat a donut on a string the fastest, or break and wear a frozen t-shirt. While the games that occur vary from year to year, the core message remains the same: competition. Competition is such an essential trait at St. Thomas as each student pushes another to become better. These rivalries build character, so it is only fitting that this tradition earns a spot in the top three. 

In second place, the next best tradition during Fish Week is the beanies. Walking down a hallway with a hundred or more twirling propellers puts a smile on every student’s face, even the freshmen who wear them. The tradition of wearing beanies is a visible symbol of brotherhood at St. Thomas. While it may just look like a funny hat from the outside, this hat makes each student a new brother in the family at STH. Brotherly relationships form when guys share experiences, so when a new eagle looks down the hallway to see every other freshman wearing one of these hats, he knows that he will have these brothers for the next four years.

 Finally, coming in first place for the best fish week tradition is, without a doubt, freshmen dress-up day. For one day, out of their four-year journey, every senior has the opportunity to tease a freshman through any costume the senior deems fitting. Each senior can dress their freshman up in whatever ridiculous costume they want, all for their amusement. This tradition is undoubtedly the best. If you ask any upperclassmen, or even alumni, about their freshmen year fish week, this is the day that comes to mind. Hundreds of freshmen roam the halls costumes, who for once cannot wait to find their way to class. What makes this day special is that it reminds freshmen of all they have left to learn. Coming from 8th grade, each student thinks they are on top of the world, but on this day, the seniors pass the torch of manhood. It sounds silly, but each freshman is shown that over the next four years, they will change from boys to men of St. Thomas. Because there is nothing in this world that shouts “manhood” more than a plaid skirt or booty shorts.