The Show Must Go On!

Covid-19 seemed so far away when the third quarter began in 2020, but when it hit New York City and the NBA announced the season was suspended, it shocked the world on how serious this virus can be.  It quickly became more than a news segment, it began to hit everyday lives and it affected students the most.

High School sports canceled, Prom canceled, Spring Play canceled, and so many other school activities St Thomas has taken for granted. Stop and think about it, last year’s class couldn’t hit the last shot, take that last dance, or sing that last note.  Many waited for four-years to take that curtain call, which was all taken away due to health and safety reasons, those memorable moments won’t be lived.

Will St Thomas ever return to normalcy, who knows, but one thing is for sure, the Administration is doing their best for us to live those High School moments.  So, the show must go on!  With Mr. Green’s innovative idea to celebrate theater to its golden age, St Thomas Drama will be producing a Radio Program harking back to the 1940s!  It will have a multitude of stories and fun commercials so the listener can be transported to the wondrous years of pre-COVID! There will be four radio plays this year with different stories. Some are murder mystery and other comedies, there will be something for everyone.

Mr. Green is a fantastic teacher that is always quick on his feet and loves to think about how to make things better so when he proposed the idea of a radio play the whole cast knew immediately that this was going to be the best but also the safest way to have a show. The Cast is working very hard and is trying to make this the best play possible. Stay safe St Thomas!  Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives but thanks to the creativity of Drama Director Mr. Dan Green STH can have some sense of normalcy and enjoy an amazing show!