Movie Review: She Hulk


Marvel’s newest superhero show came onto screens five weeks ago and has not looked back since as She Hulk has become a hit across the Disney streaming platform ever since Jenifer Walters transformed into the next big green machine. Unlike the Marvel shows that fans have received in the past, She Hulk goes above and beyond in terms of building the audience’s anticipation for the next episode with end credit scenes in all five of the episodes that have been released. An aspect of She-Hulk that fans have not seen yet is the fact that the superhero attorney often breaks the fourth wall to provide comedic relief with slight irony incorporated into the small time slots of direct conversation with the audience. 

The past Disney plus shows that Marvel has produced do not nearly include as many fun, comedic and ironic moments as She Hulk does. This show does an exceptional job of appeasing multiple different audiences who are as engaged as ever in Marvel’s latest installment whether they watch the show for a good laugh, stellar action shots or even returning back to the show just to see how the unique story line continues to develop. Jenifer Walters is the only figure in the entire MCU that fans have had the opportunity to see work in the court of law defending past subjects from other movies. Watching a literal superhero defend clients as an attorney at law is something that fans across the world have really eaten up. Watching She Hulk perform a rather mundane job while returning home to a normal life is what the fans admire most about her because despite being a superhero, she is much more of an ordinary person than most would think.

“This show has given a new life to the MCU, the comedy on top of the action sequences make this show one of the better installments Marvel has produced during phase 4.” said Arjun Chahal ‘23.  

Another aspect of She Hulk that has the show trending like crazy has been the amazing performances from the main cast and the many cameos that have appeared across the show’s timeline. The star of the show is She Hulk herself, Tatiana Maslany, as the Canadian born actress has had one of the most successful MCU debuts to date. Her ability to shift between a Hulkish like creature in battle to a civilized young lawyer in the courtroom is something audiences have not seen in any other MCU show up to date. Maslany also capitalizes on her opportunities to break the fourth wall every so often across various points in the episode as she makes the audience feel as if they are engaged in one on one dialogue every time she looks into the screen. “I had never seen Maslany act in anything other than She Hulk, so it was safe to say that it came as a surprise to me when the actresses put out one of the best performances this year and across the entire MCU.” said Josh Caldwell ‘23. 

She Hulk is a fun show that does not have the serious tone like many other of the past MCU shows do. This show is perfect for the audience that appreciates the corny one liners or consistent irony as She Hulk does an amazing job of routinely incorporating these two. If someone is looking to get into a super serious show that they can binge for hours on end, She Hulk is definitely not the show for them as the weekly releases and light hearted tone would turn off the typical binge watching fan.