Teaching is a Way of Life for the Social Studies Department


Coach Mills starts every day off with a nice cup of coffee and actually enjoys teaching students about the history of the world they live in. All of the teachers within the realm of social studies agree that teaching students about the history of their own country fulfills a sort of duty they feel that they have to inform us of our past. History has had a tendency to repeat itself and the social studies department is here to make sure the youth learns from our ancestors mistakes. For coach Mills, teaching isn’t just a way to connect with students and teach them something valuable, teaching is a way of life.

“It has been my dream since I was a little kid,” Coach Mills said. 

He finds comfort in teaching students especially because it is a way to help empower, prepare and have a positive impact on all populations of learners, future generations, future teachers and communities. He hopes to inspire a kid to do the same one day. For Coach Mills, teaching was a sort of calling he felt obligated to respond to.

“I’ve always seen myself in a field where I am able to help people succeed.”

Coach Mills not only helps kids in need of help, he also lends a helping hand to his fellow teachers who aren’t sure about how to manage a lesson. 

Coach Mills believes that history is one of the most important subjects to learn and retain.

“I love the way history unfolds before our eyes and how we are all part of it.”

On the same token, he wants for teachers to continually grow and learn from students, peers and the community as well. In addition, the profession allows teachers to learn and refine many skills, including instructional, academic, leadership and communication skills.

Coach Mills and the Social Studies Department are here to fulfill a calling that is to teach, empower, and relate to the student brotherhood that St. Thomas is so proud of. They provide first hand encouragement and support to students and see them grow and develop. With these goals in mind, the social studies department cannot wait for what our Eagles have in store for the future.