End Zone Rally a Hit!


St. Thomas showed incoming Eagles a slice of what Friday night football is all about at their annual End Zone Rally last night at Grange Stadium before the big game against Kinkaid with food, drinks, and fun.

With nearly 150 prospective eagles and their families to witness STH wallop Kinkaid 35-14, they were introduced to eagle life. Each visitor was given a food and an ice cream ticket, and free sodas and water to enjoy the game. The two options were James Coney Island or a food truck serving pulled pork sandwiches.

Each visitor was also given a red or white STH T-shirt. “It’s a great way to show incoming freshman/8th graders the best thing about St. Thomas and the winter/fall season” Nicolas Requenes said. “It’s also a great way to meet new people”

 Sitting in a special section behind the goalpost, they got an up close view of the game. Due to their seating, the upcoming eagle played a game similar to jackpot whenever an extra point or field goal was kicked, competing to catch the ball. Before the game started, they were catching practice kicks and using a football someone brought to play a real game of jackpot.

“I’m definitely pleased with the outcome of the event” Mr. Murphy said, “always good to get guys on campus so they can see what St. Thomas is like.” 

Finally, they ran through the tunnel after the football team through the fog and red smoke and across the field, their yelling mixed with the sound of the cannon.

Mr Tackas attributed the success of the event to the admissions department, saying that “the turnout of this particular event is as you can see tremendous, we’ve never had it be this big before, and that’s to the credit of the admissions department, they’ve done a tremendous job of marketing the school.”