Kudos to the Schedule

Leo Wilson '21

Dear Editor,

I would like to praise our current schedule. I know some people who don’t like it, but I would like to state why I think it’s a good thing. I love the special schedule days. Block days are very useful for having more concentrated work in each class, and they allow for longer science labs, extensive discussions, as well as giving time for tests. They also have much longer lunch periods, which allows seniors to go have lunch off campus and actually get back on time. It means you don’t have to rush eating. You can have meetings, finish up some homework, or just relax a slight bit. Also, not only are the classes longer but since there are fewer classes each block day, it means you have fewer classes to prepare for and less stuff to carry. Thursdays, our late start days, are also really great. Having a late start means you can sleep in a bit more, get to school and have some time to do work, go to meetings, meet with your teachers or makeup tests. While all of the special schedule days are great, it’s still good to have regular schedule days as well. We start and end our week with the regular days, and it makes it easier to start off the week with not too much intensive work, like starting with a block day would. For this same reason, it’s better to end the week with a faster paced day that allows us to turn in the rest of our assignments for the week to each class. Regular start days also have flex time, which is something we lose with the other schedule types. This is super helpful for me, getting some study time before I take a test, or doing some extra homework. Another reason why it’s beneficial to have this varied schedule throughout the week is it helps all different kinds of people. I have met many different people and asked them what they think about the schedule, and they all say different things they like and dislike about it. The reason why I’m in favor of keeping it is that it has something to give to each of these types of people.

Leo Wilson ’21