Science Department Soldiers On


Mr. Lynch explains the procedures for the lab that his AP Physics 1 students are about to conduct in the hall of honor. Science teachers have been making due with several spaces around campus as they await the completion of the state of the art science wing renovations.

As the school year nears the end of its first quarter, the past weeks have proven to be a true test for the science department as a whole.

From not having their own classroom, to having to worry about what materials needed and where these science teachers have been doing their best to trudge on until the new science wing is opened.

Amazingly, the opening of the new wing is only such a short time away.  Rumor is that after a few more inspections are done, the wing will be open and a new feeling throughout the Saint Thomas community as a whole will be overwhelming.

The first question a lot of people would think to ask is what is the true importance of the new wing? Ultimately it is to show a new face of the school, by providing new technologies and spaces, it opens up the capabilities of the teachers, to more fully explain and teach with the best of their new environment.

“It is difficult trying to teach without all of the models and everything that used to be so easily accessible.” science teacher Dr. Pete Nordloh said.  “I have been using the basketball concessions area to perform labs for most my classes, so in the end, I haven’t changed anything with any of the courses, and the students have been keeping up well.”

Dr. Nordloh (above), proving his grit by using the concessions stand as a grounds to perform AP Bio labs.

Dr. Nordloh also said that he was most excited about, “All the new technology the space will have, such as new projectors, a maker’s space with 3d printers, and more.”

The school is hoping that this new science department will be able to both help current students gain a better understanding of the science classes they take and to also potentially reach out to anyone who is interested in coming to Saint Thomas.

Yet, until this wing is done the teachers will continue in their diligence to teach with what is available. Many students know this and have been accepting of the situations because of all their work too in being respectful about having to use spaces such as the CEMO Hall of Honor, Cemo itself, Mary Moody, and even the basketball concession area as mentioned by Dr. Nordloh.

The new science wing shows major steps near completion, noting the new “chairs” and open concept.