Restoring the Glory

The wrestling team looks to return to their former glory and win a Texas Prep State Championship in the 2018-2019 season. Almost the entire wrestling team is returning and has been training vigorously to become a championship team.

Several members of the wrestling team went to a renowned camp over the summer known as the J. Robinson Intensive Camp in Forest City, Iowa. This camp was designed to test the limits of the participants both physically and mentally. The camp finished off with a monstrous half marathon before the team could return back to Houston.

Throughout the camp, several Eagle wrestlers were recognized for their hard work including Alex Jacobs ’19, Nathan Bryant ’19, and Jackson Philips ’20.

“The hardest part was definitely the running and the conditioning during the wrestling practices, but besides that, it was a great experience overall,” Bryant said.

“Finishing the [half] marathon truly made me feel accomplished and made me believe that I can always do more even when I think my gas tank is empty.” Evan Benavides ’21 said.

The team has already accomplished so much just by finishing this tenacious camp, but it will be exciting to see what kind of results they will be able to get this year.

“I truly believe that this team will have the chance to be State Champions for the first time here in a while and this year the team something will be something special to watch,” Coach Mike Leholm said.