March Madness preview



After a great performance last year, March Madness plans to amaze again with college basketball.

March Madness is a college basketball tournament that stretches throughout the month of March.  A total of 68 college teams qualify for the tournament.  Last year, the tournament was won by the Duke Blue Devils.

This year is set to be a stellar show.   Anything can happen in March Madness, but as of now, the top prospects include Kansas, Duke, and North Carolina.

Kansas has been a college basketball powerhouse in the NCAA for the past decade.  They have been making nonstop stellar performances on the court.  Duke, also have been a number one contender every year, plans to make a jaw dropping performance in the tournament.  North Carolina is the favorite for most sports center critics.  With the help of Senior Brice Johnson, the Tar Heels plan to make a run to win it all at March Madness.

Senior at St. Thomas High School. Proud member of the UCAL Basketball league Hall of Fame. Drake enjoys long walks on the beach and poetry.