Ticket sales must be high if student body aims for days off


Round-Up is upon us and there is a certain excitement in the air.

The distribution of our yearly quotas brings with it anticipation about how exactly the community plans on meeting our net goal. There are many different ways for our student body to sell quotas, either through the Phone-a-thon, letter writing campaign, or the old fashioned method of calling relatives and going door-to-door. This goal is not something out of reach and it can be reached.

In order for the school to reach its stated goal of $480,000, each and every member needs to do his part and sell their fair share of tickets. If we want those days off, we need to get out there and start practicing our sales pitches. This cause can practically sell itself, with all of the proceeds going towards scholarships which give many students the opportunity to attend this wonderful establishment. However, some people need a little bit more convincing. It is up to the students to make sure Round-Up is a success. Just do it. Sell three quotas.