Changes bring improvement, new challenges to Round-Up


St. Thomas during the spring semester has only one thing on its mind…Round-Up.

Returning students know just how big of a deal Round-Up is to the rich and venerable history of St. Thomas.

While many alumni come to Round-Up for the people, food, and memories that it offers every year, for current students, Round-Up means “Sell! Sell! Sell!” With the New Year, comes a new Round-Up with many changes that most students are unaware of and need to be informed of before they start the difficult task of selling.

The first and biggest change that Round-Up 2016 will experience is the change in price of a single ticket. Tickets for this year are five dollars a ticket.

While this is a departure from the old standard of ten tickets per book, students should not fret, because a quota still remains at three hundred dollars and a book is still twenty dollars. This means that there are only four tickets in a book. The odds of winning do not change but it is easier to keep track of and fill out tickets.

Another change being implemented this year is the placement of bar codes on all tickets to identify people for the Phone-a-thon and the Letter Writing campaigns.

Last year many people did not send the envelopes.

“We lost a lot of potential money because nobody filled out their tickets from Phone-a-thon and the letter sales.”

Joe O' Brien, Director of Student Activities

The bar codes in 2016 will be a test run for the possibility of bar codes on all of the tickets from 2017 forward.

A third change that will impact everyone at St. Thomas is the changes to the Round-Up Board. This year the Round-Up Board is being split into two groups, the Sheriffs and the Board.

The Round-Up Sheriffs will be seniors who assist freshmen and sophomores with counting, organizing and turning in their tickets and money. They will also be the enforcers to make sure everyone is selling their quotas. The Round-Up Board will be the counters of the money and tickets on Fridays as they have always been.

The part that everyone is curious about is the incentives.

The first incentive for selling one quota is receiving an official St. Thomas Round-Up t-shirt. This is the usual first incentive and has not changed for several years.

The second incentive is that students who sell two quotas will receive is the ability to wear the official St. Thomas Round-Up t-shirt to school during the entire month of March. This is another one that is a consistent incentive that has not changed in several years.

The third incentive for students who sell three quotas and the incentive is that they get to eat at Cadillac Bar and Grill for a free lunch. This is a personal favorite which combines missing class time and delicious food. all three of these incentives have been standard fare for the past few years.

The fourth incentive is one that has received much debate. The official fourth incentive will be exclusive STH swag.

Last year the swag was a special STH fishing shirt, so this year should be something just as awesome.

The fifth and final incentive for students who sell five quotas is a trip during school to go to Top Golf. Students get to enjoy two hours of golfing and a free lunch during school hours.

Receiving the Round-Up holidays is not a given; it needs to be earned.

With the old record being $480,000, all students need to step up their game and sell like there is no tomorrow. There needs to be an average of over two quotas per student in order for the record breaking to be feasible.

Round-Up holidays are the best part of second semester and nobody wants to be known as “the class that didn’t break the record”. The gauntlet has been thrown down St. Thomas, how will we answer?

Joshua is captain of the St. Thomas Rugby Team. He is on St. Thomas Club, participates in the Choices Club, FCA, is a Senior Leader, and President of the Student Council Spirit Committee.