Maximize your ticket-selling efficiency

Sell enough for Round-Up and you might be able to cop these babies. (Photo by Nick Silva)
Sell enough for Round-Up and you might be able to cop these babies. (Photo by Nick Silva)

Selling your quota is not a difficult task unless you are lackadaisical.

If you are lazy and do not want to sell your quota, that is fine with me. However, be prepared to become incredibly unpopular with your peers and to show up to school extra days that you could be enjoying at home. Please do not be that guy and put in the effort that selling your quota requires.

Selling your quota is actually pretty easy if you work hard and if you know what to do and say. This should never be a problem for any student at this school as we have the most generous school community in Texas. There are many ways to sell your quota, but these ways fall under two big categories: calling people or taking the old fashioned way and going from door to door. Traveling door to door requires much more effort, but can yield incredible returns in ticket sales. I have been a top ten seller every year and the best way to sell your tickets is a combination of both.

I would call people first. There are a multitude of options, from your family members, your mom’s friends, your dad’s friends to your friends’ parents from middle school and other alumni. The list of willing buyers goes on and on. Now for those of you who are thinking about the fact that you do not know what to say, it is really not that difficult. Start with a casual greeting then simply tell them that you would like to tell them about Round-Up.

At this point, begin talking about everything that Round-Up does for the school. Remember, about one-third of the people that attend this school can only do so because of the generosity of our donors. Do not take this event or the money it raises for granted. While it is true that raising a certain amount of money gets our community extra days off, the money gives hundreds of kids the same education that current students were fortunate enough to get.

After making a bit of an emotional appeal, ask if he or she would be willing to donate and buy some tickets. If you phrase your pitch correctly, it will be very difficult to turn down an offer to donate. However, it is very important to go about asking very carefully. When asking for donations, it is vital that you only ask the perspective buyer if they are willing to purchase a full book.

If they can only buy individual tickets, do not turn down money. However, it is important to set the precedent of selling full books. Now if you are running out of people to call, there is one thing that is extremely helpful. This ticket selling method is called Phone-a-thon. I have not used this tactic, but I have talked to others who have and they said it worked wonders. The Phone-a-thon provides a painless opportunity to sell boatloads of tickets without even having to leave campus.

Director of Student Activities Joe O’ Brien gives you a stack of papers and all you have to do is call the numbers in front of you and use your Jordan Belfort-esque words to sell your buyer on a good cause that practically sells itself. After speaking with someone who is willing to buy some tickets from you, a method for retrieving those almighty dollars needs to be established. What I usually do is I ask if I can text or e-mail them my home address and they can send a check my way.

While this might not be the safest or most sure-fire way to make sure your funds arrive, it has always worked for me. If you live close to this person, make it a personal trip to drive and pick it up. If you are dealing with a senior citizen such as a grandparent or alum just tell them you will pick up the check just to make it easier for them. Anything you can do to insure the transaction is vital at this point.

Another tactic that I touched on above is the door to door method. This tactic is good to use, but only to a certain extent. Just go door to door in your neighborhood. It is often unnecessary and inefficient to do this outside of your own stomping grounds, as the people outside of your neighborhood might not know you as well and would therefore be less willing to donate the big-ticket totals the Round-Up Board is looking for.

Selling tickets door-to-door involves the same level of reliability and friendliness that selling tickets over the phone requires. A smile and a pleasant greeting are both key to making a successful transaction. With this all being said, every single member of my audience needs to heed my warning. This advice needs to be taken to heart.

If we want any chance at breaking the record once again, every student needs to sell at least two quotas. In order to accomplish this, the student body needs to capitalize on each and every opportunity to sell as many tickets as possible. Never lose a chance to make as much money as you can. The ability of our student body to sell tickets under immense pressure is second to none.

Trust me when I say, absolutely no one wants to be forced to show up to school on those all-important Fridays that we could be spending sleeping in or having the time of your life with friends. With all of these things in mind, it would be greatly appreciated if every person reading this jumps at the opportunity to sell, sell, sell. Now that I have given you my two cents on selling Round-Up tickets, take it to the streets and sell your quota.