Seniors fight to finish strong as graduation, college approaches


January 5 was the beginning of the final chapter for the Class of 2016’s high school career. At this point, the only thing standing in the way of the independence of college life is 18 weeks of school.

Many college application deadlines fall before the end of the first semester, so once second semester has arrived, many seniors feel like they do not have to try anymore. For the seniors who have already thrown their backpack away, they are in for a rude awakening.

“I have heard rumors of the disease [Senioritis], but I have the work ethic to complete all my assignments at hand and I’m sure that I am going to make the honor roll this semester.”  

Landon Malouf, senior

Even though many colleges have given feedback, they can still ask to see how you are doing this semester. Do not be that guy that wears all his future college gear to show it off to his friends and ends up failing the last semester and hanging out at night school. If this happens, colleges can take your acceptance away from their school, and many people will laugh at you, including myself.

Some schools even require you to maintain a certain GPA to keep your acceptance. The major goal for every senior is to be able to walk at graduation. To accomplish this, do not catch the horrific disease known as Senioritis. The teachers do not want to fail any seniors, but will do so if need be.

Every senior is aching to finally experience the college life. You have dreamed about it your entire life and we are almost there. It would be a waste of your four years to make it this far and not be able to attend your high school graduation. The feeling of getting your diploma, and being able to throw the cap in the air at the end will be memorable and it will be an experience you will want to be a part of with your Eagle brothers.

Seniors, you have 18 weeks left of school with your best friends, until you all part ways and head to different universities around the state or country. The friendships made these last four years are very important and should last a lifetime.

”I am thankful for the memories these past four years and hope to continue keeping it real with my ‘woes’ after high school”

Santiago Gonzalez, senior

It can be easily inferred that the camaraderie at this place is unlike any other. Therefore, make the most of school events with your Eagle brothers, because it will be over in the blink of an eye. Class of 2016, finish this semester with a bang, spend time with your brothers, and lets go to college, finally.


Blake Steele goes to St. Thomas High School. He plays varsity rugby and football. Blake is a very social person who is smooth with the ladies. He also happens to be a fantasy football enthusiast. On the football field, Blake is known for having a “No Fly Zone”, and is every quarterback’s nightmare. People refer to him as former Ravens LB, Ray Lewis.