Soccer team kicks off season with success

The varsity soccer team awaits the game. (Photo by Justin Van)
The varsity soccer team awaits the game. (Photo by Justin Van)

With all of the sports going on around campus, including wrestling, basketball, swimming, and the baseball season quickly approaching, the soccer players are still in full swing.

Over the Christmas break the players ventured to the wild west plains of Arizona. Contrary to popular belief, there are more things in Arizona than just sand, cacti, and raging college kids.

The team departed the great town of Houston on December 27 and headed west to the sand of the great Arizonian plains. While on the trip the team played three games, and brought home a record of 1-2.

While Coach Martin would have liked the players to have played a few more games, the players found the trip to be a learning experience and a bonding time they all yearned for.

“We had a fun time playing against those teams, we gained a lot of experience, hopefully we can bring that experience back to Houston playing against our upcoming opponents.”

Matthew Leal, team captain

The players did more than just play soccer whilst in the sandy state. They enjoyed a team movie, team dinners, and also a game called Foot Golf.

For those who are not already aware, Foot Golf is just what it sounds like. It consists of playing golf, but instead of clubs and a tiny little ball, it is played with a soccer ball and foot. The players enjoyed doing what they do best because nothing beats kicking a ball on a golf course and watching it sail.

“Coach Hooten was definitely the best at the foot golf. Overall we had a great trip and had some great experiences in Arizona.”

Kenny Martin, head Soccer Coach

Besides just playing in a few soccer matches, and playing foot golf, the players also saw a movie. They decided to see Daddy’s Home; and apparently had mixed thoughts.

The team also traveled to Dallas on January 7-8th and found success against the opponents they faced. 

Soccer has not won a state championship since 1981. A lot has changed since then and it looks like the soccer team is heading in the right direction. Coach Martin has been leading the soccer team to numerous heights but has yet to reached the Promised Land of a first state title since 1981.

This year is different as star players who began to emerge last season carried over to this year and many newcomers have began to emerge as first year starters.

With all these players, Coach Martin could expect a season that will never be forgotten. This is going to be the soccer team’s year as most of the team has began to think. They have high expectations for the season and they hope they are over expecting and bring home a second state championship.

“Season is going good, pretty much just preparing for post-season. It’s gonna be lit.”

Matthew Leal, team captain


Simen Borland is a senior at St. Thomas. Besides being writer for The Eagle newspaper he likes to play sports. Baseballs, footballs, and basketballs are among his favorite sports. He is also apart of the world renown Eagle Guard, as seen at any STH football game. Hobbies of his include waterskiing, watching Netflix, and underwater basket weaving. Simen can be seen driving in his black LandCruiser SUV wearing his Costas, while only having fished a handful of times in his life. He plans to attend any college that will accept him.