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Canes v Whataburger

Raising Cane’s shows immense quality
By Dominic Vela


There are many different options for fast food when you are driving down the highway here in Texas. People spend their money everywhere from Burger King to McDonald’s, though I cannot seem to fathom why. It can be stated with relative confidence that the large majority of fast food is not worth the time it takes to wait in line and order it.

Two establishments, however, rise above the rest here in the Lone Star State. I am talking, of course, about Whataburger and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Both have their high and low points, but only one has proven to be as much a southern staple as iced tea and classic country music. I am talking, of course, about Cane’s.

Whataburger’s menu resembles that of any other classic diner, offering burgers as well as other options such as chicken sandwiches that, if they were any drier, could be justifiably called chicken jerky sandwiches, which does apparently exist.

Those men and women who are slaving away in the kitchen would do well to find some happy medium between extremely chewy beef and a leather strap that visually looks like ground beef.

Cane’s on the other hand provides some original fast food options. While fried chicken itself cannot necessarily be called original, Cane’s offers some diversity in your fast food options. Although the menu only offers four choices, they all have one very important ingredient in common that trumps anything and everything Whataburger has to offer. I am talking, of course, about Cane’s sauce.

Cane's Sauce
Cane’s Sauce

While the genuine recipe remains a mystery except to the general managers of the franchise, it can only be assumed that the sauce was forged on Mount Olympus and given to mankind by Prometheus, along with fire.

Nothing on the Whataburger menu can claim to have a special place in the hearts of men quite like the ambrosial nectar that inhabits a small, clear plastic container in your order.


No matter what you order, whether it is the Box, which offers four chicken fingers, coleslaw, fries, the aforementioned sauce, a delicious piece of Texas toast, and a regular drink, the 3 Finger, which comes with three pieces as well as fries, coleslaw, toast, sauce, and a medium drink, the Caniac, which offers six fingers, extra fries and sauce, or the cleverly titled Sandwich, which offers three chicken fingers in between a soft Kaiser roll with lettuce and fries, you cannot escape this delicious sauce that makes any amount of driving and sitting in traffic more than worth it.

The Caniac
The Caniac

Another great aspect of Raising Cane’s atmosphere is their friendly staff. Every single time I walk through their doors, which is often, I am always pleasantly greeted and eagerly served. I cannot, however, say the same for Whataburger.

If and when I decide to walk into the dining room and order, I am hardly ever greeted with anything other than bored apathy or extremely weak enthusiasm.

There is a very definite reason why I almost never venture beyond the entrance at Whataburger. They do not exactly make you feel welcome.

In general, Cane’s provides a more memorable dining experience for all those involved.

Whataburger proves timeless staple
By Erich Hennings


All St. Thomas students’ diets are formed out of these two staples of the South: Whataburger and Raising Cane’s. Both are addicting in taste and I would love for both to be equal, however in the arena of the VS column, one shall stand and one shall fall.

There is no disputing that both receive full marks for taste, as only vegetarians and health nuts would hesitate to dive in head-first on any menu item, it is to the menus that I must first draw your attention.

Whataburger boasts a truly impressive menu with 40 items while Cane’s only has four. This already proves the vast superiority of Whataburger over its competitors. Cane’s measly four-item menu limits the customer from getting anything other than chicken. If you happen to be in the mood for any other meat then you are out of luck.

Whataburger can provide you with not only chicken and beef, the staple meats of the American diet but also the forbidden meat known as bacon. As you can see, Whataburger has already pulled ahead.

Whataburger does not just slap a frozen patty on two cardboard buns and microwave it like other fast-food chains. They take the time to freshly cook your burger and carefully prep it before handing it to you with a smile.

Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich

They also bring a wide variety of their famous signature burgers to the table. From the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich to the A1 Thick and Hearty to new hits like the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich to old classics like the Patty Melt.

The Patty Melt
The Patty Melt

Forgive me if I do not name them all, but attempting to do so would kill my word count and make my editors very angry, which is something I find myself doing more and more as the year progresses.

Another edge Whataburger gains on Cane’s is the breakfast menu and specialty items. Whataburger’s B.O.B.s (Breakfast on a bun, for those non-natives) are known all throughout Texas, and their delicious combination of sausage or bacon with egg, cheese and a bun or crumbly, buttery biscuit is to die for.

Not to mention my personal favorite breakfast item, the Honey Butter Chicken Strip Biscuit on a jalapeño cheddar biscuit. This sandwich alone will win me this argument over any single item on Cane’s deep fried failure of a menu.

Honey Butter Chicken Strip Biscuit (my favorite)
Honey Butter Chicken Strip Biscuit (my favorite)

An Honorable mention goes out to their many specialty sauces, my favorites being Spicy Ketchup, Jalapeño Ranch, Honey Butter and Honey BBQ. Cane’s signature sauce cannot be overlooked, but once again, Whataburger’s variety gives it the edge. As you can see, this is a recurring theme.

Whataburger’s shakes are another nugget of deliciousness. The three core flavors, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cannot be overstated in their quality and the special edition root beer shake was a brand new, flavorful reiteration of Whataburger’s superiority. This is just one reason why this establishment soars high above its competition.


In the end, a greater variety of taste is better than one thing done right any day. Cane’s chicken simply falls short due to its shortsighted dependence on one sauce and one meat. Next time you are in the mood for meat, your best option would be Whataburger.