Keusy’s Deadpool Breakdown


It’s a great relief to see Marvel take off their usual strict sensors and checklist style plot lines to try the experimental comedy adaptation of a comic book anti-hero “Deadpool.”

There’s really not much criticism one can give this movie. The self-aware comedy really works, and there are a few scenes that stick out just on its situational style. Although its cinematography and story is a tad bland, it never tries to sell you that it’s great.

Ryan Reynolds’ performance is nothing special, his strong suits include his line delivery and comedic timing. The villain in this movie is played by Ed Skrein, who played the Transporter in the 2015 reboot. He proved himself able to act this movie.

The rated R rating was present not only in the humor but in its action. The gritty sequences mixed with the over the top violence helped keep the movie together.

John Keusenkothen is a senior at St. Thomas and is the resident movie expert of The Eagle. Keusenkothen will answer any question about movies unless one asks him what his favorite is. His favorite holiday is National Nothing Day, (January 16th) and his favorite role model is himself. Approach with caution and possibly with chocolate milk.