New study furniture in the library

Library Chairs (7)
(Photo by Garrett Sorrels)

A recent donor has helped update St. Thomas’ library with brand new tables and chairs of various design.

There are two different types of tables: “bowties” and “triangles”. These different designs allow students to move the tables around and create an ideal studying environment.

The really unique part of the library upgrade is the four different types of chairs that can adapt to each individual students preference.

The first chair is a stereotypical chair with tight seating. The second chair is a flat bottom chair with a curved back set-up to improve student’s postures. The third chair is a regular chair with a pivoting bottom that allows sitters to recline and relax while studying. The fourth, and the best, chair features a comfortable sectional style chair with a rotating desk attachment for tablets or books. These upgrades will help maximize student moral while studying in the library.


Christopher Reul is a senior at St. Thomas High School. He is the 8th person in his family to attend STH. He likes long walks down the beach, bubble baths, and a good poem. He is the student life editor, and is prepared to ‘House of Cards’ Cuccia out of his position. He enjoys taking trips and hiking through the Rocky Mountains.