Exam policy in need of time reform


To the Editor: 

As a freshman taking exams for the first time at St. Thomas, I felt as if many exams crammed too many questions into the allotted time.

For example, my Advanced Spanish I exam contained four times as many multiple choice questions as a normal test would have, yet I was only given double the time to take the exam.

Doesn’t the saying go quality over quantity? I personally feel with a little more time, I could more effectively convey the information I had learned for all of my midterms.

If speed is a requirement for exams, then everyone should be training for the track team. Students should not be rushed through exams because they equate to 25% of the semester average.

As a freshman, I learned a lot my first semester at St. Thomas thanks to the outstanding teaching and quality of the academic courses.

However, if students spend a total of 18 weeks ingesting information, why should an exam be crammed into an hour and thirty minute period?

Now that I know exams can be a race to the finish, I will put the pedal to the metal during the finals in May.

Nathan Bryant