Library selection proves exemplary, useful

Photo by Damon Shekari
Photo by Damon Shekari

To the Editor: 

My start at St. Thomas was great and full of surprises.

One of the things that surprised me the most about STH was the wonderful and current selection of comic books.

The library has a wide range of comics including characters from publishers like Marvel and DC as well as lesser known graphic novels.

If you have been looking to get into comics or if you are already invested, this is a fantastic place to browse. Comics in general have made quite the revival with the rebirth of Marvel and DC and the issues in our library have become all the more popular.

This method can save you money as well. It allows you to try out comics for the first time without the financial risk of doing so. There is nothing worse than paying for something only to realize that it is absolutely terrible.

If you are browsing the selection and do not see something that interests you, you can always ask Ms. Shelley to look into purchasing whatever you are into.

Alexander Preston