Major successes, hindrances in morning practice

The morning fog of Houston is a common sight for almost every St. Thomas athlete. (Photo by Garrett Sorrels).
The morning fog of Houston is a common sight for almost every St. Thomas athlete. (Photo by Garrett Sorrels).

The Good.

Morning practice. What’s not to like about that early morning wake up? For most people the early morning practice before school is a major key.

First of all, the benefits definitely outnumber the bad when it comes to these practices. Just talk to any freshman football player or any Cross Country runner! Both the early morning football practices and the long runs are much better when the temperature is not set a brisk 95 degrees.

“I like the morning practices a lot more than the afternoon because we get home early and get to do our homework earlier. With these early morning practices I get a chance to get caught up on school and get better grades.”

Peyton Matocha, freshman

With morning practices requiring students to practice in the dark, it is difficult to see and could pose as a serious danger to athletes. They could run into a hurdle on the track or something of equal proportions. Morning practices can definitely be a major key when it comes to academics when they can go home, finish all homework and have more time to study for a test that will provide them with the grades to keep participating in the sport they play.

The Bad.

Yes, even with all of these benefits there are still some bad qualities that come along with these early morning wake ups. For starters, practicing in the morning before school is very tiring. These practices often can cause the students to fall asleep during their first period classes. This is a negative side effect of having the practice in the morning.

With this in mind, these early morning practices can go either way. They can either be good when it comes to outside temperature and convenience in having no practice after school. This is often a plus for most student athletes because they can then finish their homework earlier and get to bed at an earlier time.

Sometimes the morning practices can be tiring and very strenuous and many students also smell of scents their classmates despise and have to deal with the complaints of teachers who ask them if they took a shower this morning.

They also have to deal with the athlete trying to recover his body by drinking Gatorade or a protein shake in their class when they have a strict no food or drink policy. This is a problem in the classroom and it needs to be an exception.

The Ugly.

The brutal truth of the matter is the fact that in order to make these 6:00-7:00 practices, one must wake up very early. For those that live close, one must wake up at around 5:15 and leave their house by at least 5:40 if they are to be on time. For others who live out in the Woodlands or Cypress area, the wake up call is another story. This is what many would consider to be the ugly side of the morning practices.

“The absolute worst part of the morning practices is waking up at 5 a.m. and having to get in my green machine for a 25 minute drive to St. Thomas. Our practices typically start from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Knowing this, in order for us to get ready we all have to be there at 5:45.”

Ryan Miles, senior Lacrosse player

With hopes of finishing their homework on time and getting to bed extremely early, every student with an early morning practice faces these struggles on the daily.

Morning practices can be either a burden or enjoyable depending on how you look at it. However, great success is often met with a great deal of struggle and hard work. These early morning practices is what DJ Khaled would consider major keys to success. With major keys to success coming from practice, morning practices are the absolute best way to go.