Mozarts flying under the radar

Managing Editor Henry Fisher investigates the most underrated artists


Music is a very personal thing.

Everybody has a specific genre that they are faithful to, regardless of how good other categories might be. Personally, I will listen to just about anything. I have a very wide variety of music interests ranging from Michael Bublé to Young Thug. I believe that as a fan of music, it is important that people should explore every type of music that could possibly interest them. The following artists are from all types of genres, and they should be seriously considered when you are picking what to play when you have the aux this weekend.

Portugal. The Man

Various sub genres of rock music are overlooked as a whole by our student body. Everyone is so focused on being like everyone else; no one tries to branch out. If you are a true Eagle who seeks to spread their wings and fly away from the norm, Portugal. The Man is for you. Their songs will fit in great for your Friday night pregame if you are not feeling country or rap. Their live shows are more than just a concert, they are an experience. Songs like “Modern Jesus”, “People Say” and “Atomic Man” are just a few of the slick tunes that are sure to blow your ear drums and melt your mind.


Bas is a lesser known rapper with tremendous beats and vocals. He is on Dreamville Records, J. Cole’s label. If you like an artist who can pump you up for a game in one song and make you mellow in another, FiendBassy is your man. His album “Last Winter” was released in 2014, but it has aged well. A very current sound, “Last Winter” has potential hits such as “Lit featuring J. Cole and K-Quick” and “Fiji Water in My Iron featuring K-Quick.” These songs blend a solid mix of fiery lyrics with just the right amount of serene beats to soothe even the most wild of souls. Bas is a must listen if you are looking for a potential megastar in the rap industry.

Dizzy Wright

Another budding artist in the hip-hop genre, Dizzy Wright is a rapper you all should look into. His album, “The Golden Age” is exceptionally good with a bunch of cool beats and lyrics. Because he is lesser known there are not any big features like a J. Cole or A$AP, but it is still very good. Dizzy also came out with an album this past Spring, “The Growing Process,” which features songs like “Floyd Money Mayweather” and “Train Your Mind.” Dizzy may not be for everyone, but you ought to check him out.

Aaron Watson

Texas Country is part of our heritage as students of St. Thomas, and Aaron Watson is one of the artists who deserves the spotlight. Watson recently released a new album, “The Underdog.” There are many great songs to try to hit 88 on 6-10 with some buds in the car. Here at the Eagle, we stand on the fact that country music runs in our Texas blood. The best songs on the album to are “Getaway Truck,” “That’s Why God Loves Cowboys,” “That Look,” and “That’s Gonna Leave a Mark.” If you are looking to see this Texas Country legend in concert then just make the short drive to Big Texas or House of Blues when he comes to the H.

Leon Bridges

From washing dishes to a Grammy nomination in the same year, Leon Bridges has taken soul music by storm. His original sound with a nostalgic vibe is a great listen when you are wearing your high water pants and skinny tie. Bridges’ last album “Coming Home” was nominated for Best R&B Album and will probably win the Grammy. Bridges may be very different to everything you have ever listened to, but it is good to spread your wings and explore all different kinds of music.


Henry is a senior at St. Thomas and is the M.E. of The Eagle. He is commonly referred to as “The Enforcer” by staff members and section editors. He is a shrewd man with strong views on almost everything. Not only is he a star in the Publications Lab, but he is a modern day Picasso on the links. He aspires to play collegiate golf after a stellar high school career in the grueling conference that is TAPPS 5A. He is by far Mr. Cuccia’s favorite student as well.