Retreat participants should be allotted extra time upon return

Juniors on retreat
Juniors on retreat. (Photo by Justin Van)

To the Editor:

I believe that students who come back from retreats should not have to be responsible to do the homework over that day or days.

This is a problem because the teachers expect for the students to learn the material by themselves and then, do the homework for that night. This is a task that should never be shouldered by any student, regardless of their current intelligence level.

This expectation is not reasonable because some students are in multiple AP or Advanced classes.

These classes are difficult enough without the added pressure of being two days behind.

The topics that are being taught in those classes are also very difficult to comprehend, let alone be self-taught. As much as our parents sacrifice for us, we should never have to teach ourselves.

Being in multiple AP or Advanced classes adds a lot of homework and time to the concepts that those students do not even comprehend in the first place.

Jason Barroso