Student enthusiasm critical for Round-Up success

(Photo by Damon Shekari)
Photo by: Damon Shekari

$480,000 is a incredible amount of money and an incredible goal for our student body to reach.

A considerable step up from last year’s already daunting fundraising target, it is time once again to find it in yourself to commit fully to the task of making sure that future prospective Eagles can rest easy knowing that cost will never prevent them from attending this fine institution.

If every student currently enrolled sells two quotas, we would decimate the record. However, it is a miracle that some of our less motivated Eagle brothers work up the energy to sell just one. If the student body wishes to have considerably less class time during the fourth quarter as well as a March 8th holiday or any other possible holiday immediately following Tuesday, it is vital that each and every member of our community sell, sell, sell.