WeatherBug provides safe environment for all students, faculty

Weatherbug 02-20-15 JV (1)
Photo by Justin Van

The implementation of the new WeatherBug system to the roof of the Moran Fine Arts building has been a valuable addition to safety on campus and enhances the learning environment.

With this new technological advancement, students will now be more than equipped to avoid potentially dangerous situations when it comes to inclement weather.

The device’s intent is to give fair warning if a storm that is producing lightning is in the area and gives anyone in the area a more than ample warning to find shelter before anything costly or tragic can occur. St. Thomas will now join a network of over 8,000 schools across the nation who looked beyond the monetary investment and desired to put the safety of their students first.

With daily radar updates displayed live on EBN, we can now feel confident that our weather reports will be free from some of the egregious errors of the past thanks to this new piece of technology