Beard growing contest improperly includes non-seniors


To the Editor:

You know, I like St. Thomas. I really do. I have learned so much from here and I cannot put into words how thankful I am for the opportunities it has given me. There is one part about St. Thomas, however, that doesn’t seem to always make much sense. I am referring to how sometimes rules seem to be thrown in or modified without much reasoning.

Take for example the 2016 beard growing contest. Last spring, the beard growing contest was only for Seniors and the buy in was determined by how big the seniors wanted the final pot to be. Any money put in the program would see its way out with the winners of the contest. This spring, however, the beard growing contest was opened up to the entire school and the fee was 20 BIG BUCKAROOS. That’s right, 20. Not for charity, just for a buy in. No one knows where this money went or if it will reach the hands of the students at the end of the contest at all.

Perhaps the administration just wanted to change the rules to keep the student body on their toes? Or perhaps the administration just wanted more money. The fact is, no matter what the motive was, the change was made much to the chagrin of the student body. I know that the political system of this school is more like a dictatorship, but there needs to be a way that irresponsible changes like this simply aren’t allowed to happen. Decisions like this only increase the tension and frustration that students already have towards the administration.

Thomas Quintero