Chandler-Fucci win ’16 student council election

Junior Ryan Chandler (center) with his closest zealots.

On Wednesday, April 20th, assistant Principal Chris Westman announced that the President and Vice President for the 2016-2017 year will be Ryan Chandler and Myles Fucci.

The announcement came after a week of campaigning by the Chandler-Fucci party and the competing Lanza-Winter party.

Posters were made and placed throughout the school highlighting the platforms for both parties. Also, mimicking the current presidential candidate Donald Trump, both parties made “Make St. Thomas Great Again” hats.

A sort-of town hall meeting was held after school in front of the current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. This was a great opportunity for both parties to present themselves to the student body and drive home the vote. Voting was held on the same day as the announcements were made. Junior votes counted as one and one-half, while sophomores and freshmen were considered only one vote.

Chandler and Fucci promised numerous things in order to become elected. They campaigned on a large platform, largely resting upon aesthetic issues like the return of striped shirts to the dress code. They also made standard promises to put student council to work making Fall Olympics a reality this next year, after the student body grudgingly accepted the Hood administration’s return the events roots as a biennial event.

Other nebulous promises were made, such as the return of the so-called “Senior Parking lot,” as well as changes to school tablet policies, and a vague call for “Round-Up reform,” although at this time it is not entirely clear how any of these will be obtains since they are far outside the bounds of Student Council authority.

The former senior parking lot. Lost to more deserving individuals. (Photo by Justin Van).
The former senior parking lot. Lost to more “deserving” individuals. (Photo by Justin Van).

The duo take office on the first day of the next school year in August. If you voted for them, hold them accountable to their promises. If you did not vote for them, silently continue supporting Lanza-Winter and hope that Chandler-Fucci will keep their promises and live up their slogan of “Make St. Thomas Great Again.


Riley “The Bish” Bishop is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of the Aquin Yearbook. He will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall. He is currently on speed dial with the top 10 supermodels in the world. Check out his Hudl profile.