League Wars

Our school’s athletic program is facing an uncertain future. Our growing population leads us to greater and greater achievement on the field. TAPPS have given us a platform to reach this level, but UIL provides us with better competition. Which is better TAPPS or UIL?


TAPPS offers us more than UIL

TAPPS, in itself, is a much better and stout conference than UIL. There really is no arguing the statement that TAPPS is in fact better than UIL.

For starters, the Southwest Preparatory Conference only has a few teams that could compete in TAPPS, but most, if not all, of the TAPPS teams could compete and be successful in the UIL conference.

“The teams in TAPPS are generally better than the teams in UIL because we usually win a majority of the time. The talent we face in tournament play is way better than the teams they face. For the playoffs too, TAPPS has a more diverse schedule and is generally better when it comes to academics. The private school division is just better and there is no argument here.”

-Jeremy Peck, Varsity Basketball

As Jeremy says, the teams that TAPPS generally plays are a lot better and have more talent than the teams in UIL. Not only do they have more skill, the student athlete is better defined. Athletes that come from TAPPS generally go to a more academically known colleges such as Cornell or Dartmouth.

“TAPPS, when compared to UIL is by far a better division to be in. In our division, we are not run by the dominance of Katy and we are able to compete against better teams, in relation to us. From a baseball standpoint, the TAPPS and UIL teams have the same amount of talent and it is always fun playing our rivals, Strake.”

-Max Winter, Junior

As Max said, both TAPPS and UIL truly do have the same amount of talent even though most private school talent goes under the radar when in comparison to public. With TAPPS predominately private school and UIL mostly public school, it is hard to compare recruiting since UIL is allowed to recruit and TAPPS is not.

“TAPPS is just so much better than UIL. Everything about it, whether it be sports or academics, TAPPS is definitely better. Trust me, with all of my experience in sports and academics, I like everything about TAPPS. Also with academics, we have better student athletes, and this is coming from experience.”

-Brandon Campos

Just like Brandon Campos said, everything about TAPPS is better. When it comes to the ideal of the student athlete, TAPPS does it better. UIL just does not compare to TAPPS. TAPPS is most definitely underrepresented too. The scouts only like UIL because it is filled with public schools and TAPPS is mostly private schools. This could be considered the only chink in TAPPS’ armor.

“TAPPS players are under looked because they get less exposure to different colleges due to the name of their school. This is because usually at public schools they get bigger named athletes. Another thing that tends to happen is the better athletes typically tend to care less about their grades and more about their sports career so they tend to not get into private schools such as St. Thomas. When these athletes go to public schools, they get to master their craft and work on their sports more whereas private school athletes have to work more for their grades than their sports giving them a better reputation.”

-Colin Jones, Varsity Basketball

Just like Colin said, these athletes get the advantage of having less schoolwork and more time for athletics. These public UIL schools tend to care more about athletics giving private schools the advan- tage of having better academics. The real athletes that go to these private schools are pure athleticism and make use of what they have. These are the real athletes and no statement can deny the fact that UIL is a joke and is ultimately run by Katy.

When it comes to football, Katy has dominated that district for the past 10 years or so and it looks as if they will continue their reign of terror for the next couple of years. In TAPPS, each team plays a team from a different part of Texas. Whether it be Dallas/Fort Worth area or San Antonio. The teams that compete in TAPPS are generally a lot better than the teams in SPC due to this wide diversity.

UIL prospects smash TAPPS

For those who have not noticed already sports are kind of a big deal in the great State of Texas. To be more specific Football, Baseball, and Basketball are a big deal. Yes, other sports are important also, but those three sports are Americas past time. Please do not be offended if you do not do either of the three sports, you are probably still athletic. Now, all of that is besides the point.

In the great state of Texas there are a few forms of education for America’s youth. Public school, private school, and home school (if you can even call that legitimate education). These different types of school all have different organizations and leagues that they chose participate in with their prospective sports teams.

In the state of Texas there are many different options. Among the options are UIL, TAPPS, and SPC. St. Thomas has chosen to try their athletic talent in TAPPS. For those not familiar with the acronym already, it stands for Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. Over the years the Eagles of St. Thomas have been overall pretty successful.

While the Eagles pride themselves on success, the competition they have faced has been all but the best. Do not be offended by this, St. Thomas is still damn good at their sports and will always be, but there is a bigger picture at hand. The thing is the level of competition in TAPPS will never come close to that in UIL (University Interscholastic League).

The reason UIL has competition that far exceeds TAPPS is because the schools that compete in UIL are public. The fact of the matter is that public schools are more competitive when it comes to athletics. Not to say that all private schools suck, and it is also not to say that all public schools are amazing at sports.

Here is the break down: public school equals big student body. Big student body equals more people that play sports, it also means physically larger people included. And physically larger people equals bigger athletes, and therefore bigger competition.

Take Katy High School for example. Katy High School has a damn good football program, arguable one of the best in the nation. Anyone who disagrees is probably a caged buffoon with no sense of reality. The reason that Katy High school has such a good football team is that one, the coaches know what they are doing, and the kids coming in are monsters. You might be wondering why these people are so big. It is probably due to the fact that they have been bred like award winning livestock, only they have been raised to play Katy High School football their entire lives. You might disagree, that is fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

If Katy is not substantial enough to prove why UIL is better. Look at Lamar High School. While Lamar is not as big as Katy by any means, they still have noteworthy athletics. For those private school athletes that think they are going to be a pro some day they are probably not going to. There are exception to this though. If an athlete is just that good and can get looks and offers from Division 1 colleges than they are probably the real thing.

It may not be an absolute fact, but it is harder to get college looks playing private school competition, again there are always exceptions. It is easier for an athlete that plays at a school that competes in UIL to get a D1 offer than it is for one that plays at a TAPPS school. A great example of this is Grant Delpit. Playing at St. Thomas, Grant received a few good D1 offers here and there. Once transferring to Lamar, he became one of the most sought after recruits in the nation, getting offers from TCU, LSU, Baylor, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas, and many more. Chances are these offers would not have come so plentifully if he was still playing in TAPPS.

With all feelings and pride aside, there is no doubt the change made a difference. While UIL has some of the best high school competition in the state, TAPPS is still no pushover. There are still numerous athletes that have gone to Division 1 schools and even a few that have played