Student council slump affects school spirit

Student Body President Walter Hood (left) and Vice-President (right)
Student Body President Walter Hood (left) and Vice-President (right)

To the Editor:

Student Council is one of the most well-known clubs here at St. Thomas. Some of its responsibilities include dances, tailgates, free meals, a crawfish boil, and all sorts of student activities that get the St. Thomas student body involved with the school. Most of these events you probably have not heard happen yet this school year. Such a task requires strong leadership and an organized agenda.

Unfortunately, this year’s council has yet to become a force to be reckoned with.

The problem facing our current council is that the responsibility of events is not being delegated to multiple people. Rather, events are left to be planned out in full council meetings and chaos ensues. Hood proposed a committee system in the beginning of the year that has yet to be fully enforced and utilized. I feel that if we begin to split up the work as a council, we will be able to churn out more events for our students and overall improve the spirit of the school.

Student council, although it may have good intentions, has not been very involved with the student body. This has paved the path that makes Seniors sit down in pep rallies, classes not being excited about Round Up, and lowering the overall morale of the school. To you future student council leaders, start the year off with a bang, not a slump. To our current student council leaders, let’s get it together and show students that their vote count

Thomas Quintero