2016: The Year for Music

As the year comes to an end, managing editor Henry Fisher reflects on the best this year had to offer


4Album of the Year: Too High to Riot

J. Cole’s protégé has elevated himself to a new level with the album. It is reflective, balanced, fun and relaxing to listen to on the regular. I do not believe there is a bad track on the entire album. There is no club hit or fast paced pump up song, but there are plenty of jams to fit just about any other mood. Bas has a scratchy but smooth voice that pairs nicely with features from artists The Hics of “Ricochet” and “Matches”, two songs that can put you down to rest in the kind of way you want. The entire album has a very relaxed vibe, but also has some desperate messages such as in the song “Methylone” where Bas explains that he was duped by a drug dealer and ended up taking harmful synthetics for an entire year. This sort of honesty is what makes the album a lyrical masterpiece.


3Single of the Year: Come and See Me feat. Drake

PartyNextDoor is an artist who does not get his fair share of sunlight, but that is because his fans have been waiting for an album since 2014. He recently released the single “Come and See Me feat. Drake” during our Spring Break, and it is an awesome track. It may not be a club banger or a pump up song, but the alleged story behind it is too good to be true. Many of you probably know about the savage that called out Kehlani on her promiscuity and unfaithfulness to Kyrie Irving, yes, that was our man PND. His post on Insta savagery caught the entire world by surprise, and what made it even better was that he had just released the single “Come and See Me” just before all of this happened. Coincidence, I think not. Now tell me, an awesome song with an underlying meaning as savage as that, come on. That has solidified this song as the single of the year.


2Known Artist: Future

Nayvadius Wilburn, known by his stage name Future, took the rap community by storm starting last July with the release of his album DS2. The album was a step up for Future because of how he really showed his true Atlanta colors in his lyrics and beats. His collaboration with the most trusted man in rap, Metro Boomin, took his music to new heights. Future did not stop at DS2, actually, he was just getting started. He kept working hard and released “What a Time to Be Alive” with Drake. This mixtape featured some serious fire The team work of Future, Metro, and Drake was something new from the thirtytwo year old from Atlanta, and rap fans craved more. Future did not stop. After the release of another mixtape, “Purple Reign,” he moved on to his next album, EVOL. This album has a great balance of relaxing songs and is something you and your boys listen to on the way to a big game or rager. “Maybach” is a perfect example of a banger with its faced paced beat and a heavy underlying base line.

1Break Out Artist: Post Malone

Good Lord this guy is ugly, but he can flow like a champ. A white guy with an over the top gold grill, the dirtiest dreads you have ever seen, and a Hanes tank top that never seems to leave his back, Post Malone is not who you would expect to be making some of the most progressive and fun music of the year. Although he is a recognized name in the world of music today , he did not start off that way at the beginning of the year. Malone took off with his single “White Iverson” at the beginning of the school year, and rightly so. “White Iverson” is a great track for whatever the occasion. His other works have already become legendary


Henry is a senior at St. Thomas and is the M.E. of The Eagle. He is commonly referred to as “The Enforcer” by staff members and section editors. He is a shrewd man with strong views on almost everything. Not only is he a star in the Publications Lab, but he is a modern day Picasso on the links. He aspires to play collegiate golf after a stellar high school career in the grueling conference that is TAPPS 5A. He is by far Mr. Cuccia’s favorite student as well.